Last-Minute Support for Preterm Labor

We know how scary it can be when labor comes early. If you or a loved one is (or may be) experiencing preterm labor and you're looking for warm, knowledgeable support, we're available to provide last-minute doula care. 

If there is time, we offer a consult in person, by phone, or via email to become familiar with your situation and figure out a plan for supporting you through your experience. If you're comfortable with us and with the support we can offer, we'll move forward with support for your labor. Since these kinds of situations tend to move fast, we won't plan on having time for any actual prenatal visits aside from our consultation. 

You will have full doula support for your labor and the first few hours postpartum, as well as two postpartum check-in visits. These can be especially helpful for families birthing prior to 37 weeks, especially if your baby will spend any time in the NICU. The NICU experience can be a particularly stressful and overwhelming one - we're here to help make your lives a little easier and make sure you're getting the support you need.

Preterm Labor Doula Support

Last-minute support for birth

Can include any or all of the following:

  • Continuous support during your birth
  • 24/7 communication with your doulas
  • Attendance of labor, birth, and the first several hours postpartum by a caring doula
  • 2 postpartum visits