Pregnancy Loss Resources

If you or a loved one are facing the loss of a baby, please know that you are not alone. We have gathered some resources you may find helpful here, but this is not a complete list by any means.

Please contact us if you need additional resources or support.

Birth Planning

From the Return to Zero Center for Healing: If you have learned that your baby has died in utero or will be born still, here is a list of steps you can take to prepare for the birth and farewell of your little one.

Stillbirthday provides a helpful list of options that may be available to you for birth in any trimester.

Birth Story Medicine

Brandy Ferner is a Birthing From Within mentor and doula and offers Birth Story Medicine (in person for those local to Orange County or by Skype). She offers a safe, nonjudgmental space for women to process the events of birth and find new insights and healing for their journey. Sessions are about 2 hours long.

Books and Other Resources

Healing through the Dark Emotions: The Wisdom of Grief, Fear, and Despair by Miriam Greenspan is a beautiful book focusing on what Greenspan calls the alchemy that these emotions can work on our souls. The author is a therapist and has experienced infant loss herself.

This list of Best Care Practices for Pregnancy Loss Support from Amy Wright Glenn has some wonderful suggestions for bereaved parents, siblings, extended family and friends, and more.  

The Longest Shortest Time podcast did a beautiful episode called The Shortest Day about a family who experienced stillbirth.

Return to Zero is a film that tells the story of a couple who experience the death of their baby in utero. The story is based on that of Kiley and Sean Hanish. 

Certificate of Stillbirth or Fetal Death

The California Department of Public Health issues certificates of stillbirth and fetal death

Connecting with Your Baby

The Return to Zero Center for Healing has a beautiful list of ways to connect to your little one including special days and holidays, keepsakes, healing projects, and more.

Counseling and Support

Ivy Margulies, PsyD, and Kiley Hanish, OTD, ODR/L, have collaborated to create Return to Zero Center for Healing based in Los Angeles. They offer healing retreats for women who have suffered pregnancy loss and fertility struggles.

The Return to Zero Center for Healing compiled a list of normal grief reactions to help you and your loved ones prepare for what to expect through this process (and what may be concerning). 

If you are experiencing miscarriage, Deanna's Group on Facebook has been a source of help and healing for many women.

Bereaved Parents of the USA have a page called For the Newly Bereaved which validates some of the things you might be feeling following the loss of a child or grandchild.

The Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB) provides support for families who have lost one or more of their twins or higher multiples. 

For Dads

Grieving Dads is a project designed to help men grieve that was created by a bereaved father.

Becoming Dad is resource for fathers that encourages safe sharing of the more vulnerable parts of the journey to parenthood. 

For Friends & Family

Consider giving your loved one the gift of bereavement support. If you think they would find value in a birth and bereavement doula, or just a few hours with someone familiar with this process and willing to talk, contact us to discuss giving this beautiful gift.

This is a beautiful piece written about the importance of witnessing grief, something often lost in the discomfort of not knowing what to say or do to support a family dealing with loss.

The Seleni Institute published an article called How to Support Someone after a Stillbirth. It is fairly general but gives an idea of what the family might be going through and how important it is for their community to respond with support.

This list of Best Care Practices for Pregnancy Loss Support from Amy Wright Glenn has some wonderful suggestions for the extended family and friends of those experiencing pregnancy loss. 

The Return to Zero Center for Healing has a page with suggestions for what to say and what not to say to someone experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth, or other baby loss. 

Donielle of Natural Fertility and Wellness published a blog post called What You Should (and Shouldn't) Say to Someone Who Has Lost a Baby. This is written from the perspective of someone who has experienced loss herself, and is deeply personal. It's a long post that offers lots of things to think about. We highly recommend this article for anyone with a friend or family member who has experienced the loss of a baby.

Laurel Box has beautiful gift boxes for those suffering infertility, pregnancy loss, or bereavement. 

Give InKind is a website that allows friends and family to send thoughtful and helpful gift certificates, books, and other items to a family suffering a loss. You can also create a Give InKind page for a family in need so others can give whatever will help most. This service was designed by bereaved parents who found their family and friends who didn't live nearby had a difficult time knowing how to tangibly show their support, and we think they've filled that need beautifully.

Funeral Information

Stillbirthday has a resource page devoted to funeral planning in the case of pregnancy and infant loss.


Beyond the Willow Tree creates keepsake jewelry from breastmilk, ashes, and other materials.

Molly Bears creates custom teddy bears whose weight matches your baby's.

Piggies + Paws creates custom artwork from your baby's handprints or footprints.

Lactation Resources

Suppressing lactation:

Empty Arms Bereavement Support has a brochure with great info on the second page about how to suppress milk.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association published this helpful resource for suppressing lactation.

Donating milk: has a page full of resources for people interested in donating milk. There are many ways to do this, some more formal and others less so.

If you’re interested in pursuing milk donation, we highly recommend working with a lactation professional to help you build your milk supply and keep yourself healthy during your lactation journey.

Meals and Household Help

Meal Train is a free online service to help organize meal deliveries to a family in need for any reason, whether they just brought a new baby home or experienced a loss. People who want to sign up have to register on the site, but it's free. For a $10 upgrade, the person organizing the Meal Train has the option to add options for other household chores that would be helpful to the family aside from bringing meals.

Take Them a Meal is similar to Meal Train, but users don't have to register in order to sign up for a meal delivery. This site also has a feature called "Send Them A Meal," allowing participants to pay to have a meal delivered to the family for them.

Mother's Day

A validating blog post for those grieving the loss of their child on Mother's Day from our sister site, Hero Birth Services.

Online Support Group

Growth & Healing after Pregnancy & Infant Loss is a closed Facebook group for community after loss. It’s hosted by professionals trained to support grieving parents and is a safe space to find support.


Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep provides free bereavement photography to families experiencing stillbirth or infant loss. They will come to the hospital or your home to take photos of your baby after birth.

Postpartum Mood Disorders Support

Note: Grieving the loss of a child is a normal process that looks different for everyone, but postpartum mood disorders can still develop.

Postpartum Support International provides lots of information about different types of pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders and the kinds of help that are available. They also have a very useful section called PPD Resources for Dads.

Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Women's Mental Health provides information about pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders, as well as information about taking psychiatric medications while breastfeeding.

Postpartum Progress is a maternal mental health blog offering information and support to moms suffering from postpartum mood disorders.

PPD MOMS (Mothers Offering Mothers Support) offers a hotline that provides peer-to-peer counseling for moms in need of immediate support.

The Online PPMD Support Group has forums for people suffering from postpartum mood disorders to communicate with each other, providing understanding, support, and encouragement.

Pregnancy after Loss

Pregnancy after loss (PAL) brings its own unique joys and challenges. The Return to Zero Center for Healing has a wonderful page with some tips for this sensitive time. 

The Return to Zero Center for Healing has put together a wonderful resource for families who are "living without a rainbow."

Pregnancy Loss Statistics

The Return to Zero Center for Healing has some definitions and statistics concerning miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death.